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Original science and technology

Based on the precise data obtained from the BODYFITTER test in the United States, using the scientific design, the original original of MENS with different diameter and supporting force is used.

Suitable for the combination of independent bag spring, provide more accurate and comfortable support and support to all parts of the body.


A good mattress should be designed according to ergonomic principles, firm but not hard, comfortable and not too soft, which can support the body weight on average and keep the spine in a normal curve.There are 24 joints in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, which are connected by fibrous cartilage.The spinal cord is distributed 31 pairs of spinal nerves to the body to control the various organs.If the bad bed of bad sleep all year round, can cause the vertebra to produce dislocation, stimulate nerve, affect organ function.



Shenzhen correct people dream we spine maintenance mattress sleep habits, the sleep quality and enhance the people to protect the people healthy spine as own duty, by the American BODYFITTER test of accurate data, using the scientific design, match with different wire diameter and the support of MENS exclusive original adaptive independent bags spring combination, give the body is more precise and comfortable support and retainer.Even if you are in a different shape, you can customize your spines on the same bed.

MENS exclusive original adaptive spring support system is the advanced technology of back nursing spring.Human body engineering, and it is based on different weight and pressure change of sleep research, scientific design of permutation and combination, bring a variety of spring combination system, to meet different sleep needs, provide unmatched comfort and, for the body, to achieve the purpose of protecting the spinal health.


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