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Selection of materials

The spinal maintenance mattress produced by shenzhen mengzi sleep technology co., ltd. adopts mens adaptive support spring system.

Imported sponge Belgium natural latex Australian wool South American camel wool environmental protection cotton fabric and other natural materials refined.


Natural LATEX, antibacterial anti - mite, more environmental protection natural gift.

Belgium 100% natural latex after the environmental treatment process, has better compliance and resilience, can ideally support the body.The honeycomb structure of natural latex has excellent air permeability and moisture absorption, and has the function of natural antibacterial and anti-mite.

Prevent mites prevent bacteria

According to the medical report, pillows, bedding and bedclothes are hotbeds of bacteria and dust mites, and the pillow USES up to 10 percent of molds, mites dung and infested mites in three years.According to medical information, 12 to 16 percent of people have allergies, and 25 percent of these patients are allergic to dust mites in their homes.More than 90 percent of asthmatics are due to dust mites in their homes, which can be seen as a hazard to humans.

In oak for latex protein can inhibit bacteria and allergens lurking, accord with environmental protection requirement, can inhibit bacteria, mites, and no static, scattered natural incense smell, make deeply asthma and allergic rhinitis and other symptoms of respiratory system.


Natural latex pillow has thousands of tiny mesh structure of the vent, these holes can be human body generated by the discharge of waste heat and humidity, can promote the natural ventilation, and provide a natural air conditioning system, keeping the air inside the pillow of fresh and healthy.

Sheep wool


Wool is one of the most refractory fibers in reality. It also has antistatic effects, excellent strength, flexibility, water resistance and heat resistance.


Wool, another magical product of nature, is perfect for camel hair and cotton.Pure wool helps to keep the bed at the right temperature, just like a bed's own temperature controller.As far back as ancient times, people knew the magic of wool: it was very warm when it was cold, and it was very cool when it was hot.It makes you feel dry, while keeping the temperature in place while you sleep.

The wool fiber has the complex structure like the spring, the surface feels comfortable, the performance is better, can provide the thermal protection.The unique cellular structure is very different from other smooth synthetic fibers.The structure of the wool fibers allows a large amount of air to circulate among the fibers, thus providing excellent natural heat insulation, flexibility, elasticity and resilience.Wool can absorb up to 30% more water than it does, but it still doesn't make people feel wet.Tiny pores allow water to pass through the wool fibers, giving the material a unique characteristic: it feels comfortable in winter and summer.Enjoy your sleep every day.


The history of wool goes back thousands of years.The ancient babylonians and egyptians used wool for knitting.In Sweden, the oldest wool fabric dates back to the Bronze Age, about 3,000 years ago.However, wool was used not only to make clothes for spinning, but also to make bedding.The properties of wool to keep you warm and protect you from sleep have not changed.By mixing the precise amount of wool, cotton and camel hair, our bed has the function of regulating temperature and incomparable natural elasticity.

Camel hair


Camel hair fiber is made up of tens of thousands of elastic molecules. It is not easy to deform, the wool is even, the wool is light, soft and fluffy, smooth, reducing the pressure on the body.


Camel hair is a pile of plush from a camel.Camel hair fiber is long and thin, with a soft, warmth retention property is strong, not shrink, not agglomeration, durable, easy to wash, do not fade and other characteristics, can adapt to the desert camel a bad cold summer, mainly relying on its special fur organization, "camel hair" is taken from the camel abdomen of villi, due to limited output, precious degree after cashmere.Fiber experts call it "natural protein fiber" and "soft gold".Camel hair fiber is composed of tens of thousands of star elastic molecule, fiber resilience is big, not easy deformation, wool quantity even, qualitative light, soft and fluffy and smooth, relieve pressure on the body (comfortable), and can improve the high temperature and arrhythmia, the waist and leg pain, especially for arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, patients with high blood pressure, has the extremely good physical therapy health care function.So it is especially suitable for old people, children and in cold and wet areas.



Camel hair fiber to the hollow bamboo-like structure (composed of cortical layer and scales, fiber cross-sections for elliptic cylindrical), promotes the storage of the air, so it has excellent warmth retention property, moisture, moisture absorption, insulation, moisture, air permeability and is particularly suitable for use in cold raw area.When it is cold, it can reduce the heat conduction rate, and the extra heat can be excreted in the heat of the day, so that the inner temperature of the velvet is kept comfortable (automatic tempering and moisturizing function, and cool in winter and summer).


It contains a substance called "pro-active side chain amino acid" that absorbs moisture from the air and removes it, keeping it dry and comfortable.The length of the camel's wool is better than that of cashmere, which makes it more stable and more durable.


DEAR fabric skin-friendly technology, gentle touch, more comfortable pleasant dream.


Cotton may be nature's most comfortable gift to man.MENS cotton used in the soft, comfortable, breathable, can ensure that the air circulation unobstructed, let you sleep when the body is dry and comfortable health environment, so as to help you fall asleep faster, and longer hours of sleep.


The dreamz mattress is made of pure cotton cloth, ventilated and breathable to make sleep more comfortable.In addition to the lungs, the human skin also has respiration.Each person has more than 7 million pores for breathing and toxins out of the body.In order to stay dry and comfortable, the bed should be breathable, allowing the air around you to circulate.


You may find that wearing a cotton shirt on a warm summer day is much cleaner and drier than wearing a synthetic material.This is because the cotton is ventilated, can absorb sweat and moisture.At night, 98% of your sweat is water.Therefore, when you sleep, you need to use breathable beds and breathable bedding, which can quickly evaporate.

The sea sponge


NASA memory cotton is the main ingredient of essential oils extracted from natural soybean plants.

Air can circulate naturally in it and is completely harmless to the human body and environment.It also has a slow resilience and memory function, better fitting the human curve, allowing you to sleep in a completely stress-free state.Reduced pressure breathable, more comfortable space technology.


Chilly Wave ™ technology, comfortable temperature, gel memory cotton more leading innovative materials injected gel beads breathable performance superior memory cotton, cooling gel beads can be absorbed on the surface of the body heat, reuse memory cotton out, good air permeability will heat release provides superior comfort and support.


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