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The mattress life

According to years of research, we recommend changing the mattress for five to seven years.

In terms of mattress material use, users will not have a large quality problem for 10 years or 20 years.However, we recommend replacing it in 5-8 years, because although there is no functional damage, the increase of harmful substances such as mattress mites can also affect the sleep and health of the body.

Due to the old ideology, the majority of users have been moved, the mattress has been damaged and other objective reasons, the mattress is replaced.Really need to change the subjective willingness to think mattress is not much, but with the media in recent years, enterprises and industry experts publicity and user for the strengthening of health consciousness, the significance of the mattress to household space has not only confined to the "things" under the sheets, "with a piece of good mattess" has become a common understanding of many users.Then choose the mattress that suits oneself, use time and cleanness, sanitation also raise the height of understanding.


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