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The spring is an important part of the mattress, which is itself a science.Our springs have two or more complementary spring systems: a flexible, flexible spring that makes you feel comfortable, and a strong spring at the bottom provides deep support.It is the harmonious work of these spring system, bedding can give you full support, let you relax.The beauty of the MENS spring system is not the quantity, but the kind, how to put it, and how to combine with the multi-layer natural materials.The combination of different size, height and winding number of spring determines the quality and performance of spring system.The technique is wonderfully precise.The spring system we have adopted has been carefully calculated to meet the expectations of release pressure, support, and better sleep experience.MENS miniature bread spring allows hundreds of thousands of springs to reach maximum contact with your body to achieve excellent weight distribution and optimum pressure release.These unique spring laminates have the ability to touch various parts of the body, beyond the shape, proportion and weight of the body.This technology has created a more breathable, faster release pressure and a more subtle texture.The nest bag spring our spring pressure is put into the fabric pocket to ensure their rebound performance.A bag spring fills every square centimeter of space to create a flat sleeping surface.The honeycomb arrangement does not leave a gap that separates or wraps the spring, while allowing a single spring to move up and down to suit your body's shape.Make sure that the pressure on each part of your body is released to ensure a quick release of all parts of your body.

High-low independent cylinder springs.

The secondary bearing principle, more stereoscopic and comfortable high-low independent cylinder spring structure, adopts the secondary bearing principle, the high and low two specifications of the independent bag spring for staggered arrangement.When the mattress is under less pressure, the sleeper will only feel the support of the high spring, and the support force is relatively soft.When the mattress is under greater pressure, the lower spring starts to work, giving the body stronger support and creating a more solid and comfortable support system.At the same time, due to the high and low independent cylinder spring structure, the air flow passage inside the mattress is increased, and the air permeability is greatly increased.Disconnection hollow cylinder spring two stages support design independently, comfort breathable double hollow cylinder spring bags independently, ascension is between the two spring up and down the hollow design, to create a two sections of the support structure.When the mattress is under less pressure, the sleeper only feels the support of the upper spring, and the support force is soft;When the mattress is under heavy pressure, the gap between the two springs is closed, and the lower spring begins to operate, giving the body stronger support.In addition to increasing the comfort level of sleep, the hollow spring can increase the air flow passage and air permeability of the mattress.

Double-stack Double independent cylinder spring.

The three-dimensional supporting structure, comfortable and breathable global leading double independent cylinder spring structure, It is a double layer superposition design for the independent cylinder bag spring, creating a more multi-dimensional support system.It can decompose the body pressure and make the support and air permeability of the mattress greatly improved.This also puts forward a high requirement for the stability of the spring's own performance and structure system, and it is easy to find the hidden trouble of the mattress if the technology is not passed.


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